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About us

For many decades, cafés have purchased expensive coffee equipment for their barista staff to operate manually who can only estimate the essential variables that go into your coffee. We began our journey alongside baristas, doing exactly this – we were once alike.

But in 2016, we chose a new direction of automation.

once alike is a Melbourne based coffee-automation startup. We believe reinventing espresso machinery from the ground up is the only way to break the mould to give users a modern experience around their daily brew. From years of R&D, the team at once alike are ready to offer customers a futuristic espresso machine controlled by a simple app.

The once alike team is relentless in iterating how we autonomously prepare and serve you the best coffee however you take it, seamlessly ordered through an app everyday without delay.

Did we mention we update all of our coffee machines over-the-air? Your local robot barista gets smarter each week with new features, fixes and easter eggs.

once alike was founded by Flynn Macfarlane.